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San Diego CA

Plant a Recovery Church in San Diego, CA

We need Christians in long-term recovery to join us in planting a Recovery Church in the San Diego area. Help us to reach the many people struggling with addiction.

Why San Diego, CA?

Addiction is wreaking havoc on San Diego. Fentanyl overdose deaths are increasing in San Diego County, with confirmed and suspect cases in 2020 nearly triple the number at the same point in 2019. California saw a 16% increase in reported drug overdose deaths from January 2018 to January 2019. Nationwide, a rise in drug overdose deaths was observed prior to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. 

Current local trends in fentanyl overdose deaths may be compounded by stressors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including restricted access to care, disruptions in usual drug supply routes, and economic stressors leading to increased drug misuse. What can be done about this? All over the United States, recovered addicts and alcoholics are working together along with Recovery Church Movement to make a difference by partnering with local churches to help reach those in addiction, to let them know they are not alone and there is hope. Hope in Jesus Christ. Although there is not a Recovery Church in San Diego, would you prayerfully consider about partnering with us today?

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A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

Recovery Church Movement (RCM) is a network of Recovery Churches reaching and training those in early recovery to grow in their faith and recovery. RCM is a bridge between the 12-Step Fellowships and the Church. We train, coach, and help people learn to become disciple makers within the recovery community and start, plant, and reproduce Recovery Churches.

Through the power of Jesus and the ministry of Recovery Church men and women are coming to faith in Christ and are being redeemed and rescued out of the slavery of addiction. Each week Recovery Church serves hundreds of people that desire to maintain their sobriety while strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Recovery Church desires to see believers lead the way in providing hope to a nation facing the horrific epidemic of addiction.

We have launched training to plant Recovery Churches across the United States. Join the ministry of bringing healing to the hurting by supporting the Recovery Church Movement.

With locations spreading across the United States, Recovery Church's mission is to be in every city, in every state, and across the world. You may search for your local Recovery Church location by visiting our main locations page. Are you a leader and didn't find a location in your area? Apply to open a church in your city!


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Alcoholics Anonymous


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Narcotics Anonymous


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Recovery Church Movement

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Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery

  • Where can I find a Recovery Church near me?
    Please visit our locations page! There you can search by zip code.
  • How can I give to Recovery Church?
    You can gave with a one time donation or recurring. Visit our Giving page.
  • What is Recovery Church Movement?
    Recovery Church Movement (RCM) is a network of Recovery Churches reaching and training those in early recovery to grow in their faith and recovery.
  • Where can I find a church for recovering addicts near me?
    Visit any of our many Recovery Church locations! Don't see one? Learn more about how to plant a church!
  • Who is Pastor Phil Dvorak at Recovery Church??
    Pastor Phil Dvorak is the founder and president of Recovery Church Movement. Recovery Church Movement (RCM) is a network of Recovery Churches reaching and training those in early recovery to grow in their faith and recovery.
  • Does Recovery Church support 12 Step Programs?
    Yes, Recovery Church is a 12 Step supportive, gospel-centered church that bridges the gap between support fellowship and the church. We encourage engagement in whatever 12 step fellowship you are a part of and engagement in your local church.
  • How can I help start a Recovery Church?
    Thank you for your interest in starting your own Recovery Church. We would love to connect with you and discuss this further. Please visit our "Plant a Church" page and apply there, and a team member will contact you shortly.
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