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Bel Air MD


Recovery Church

A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

Recovery Church

Bel Air MD


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A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

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Launches June 2nd, 2024

Sundays at 4:00 PM - Church Service

Thursdays @ 7:30 PM - Open Share Group

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416 Constant Friendship Blvd

Abingdon, MD 21009

Recovery Church Movement Worship

recovery church

The Service

Recovery Church Bel Air MD meets every Thursday at 7:30 PM for Open Share Group and every Sunday at 4:00 PM for our Church Service. We begin our church service with relevant Worship music followed by a Sermon or Testimony. Our Open Share Group is a time in which people can share what is on their hearts in a small group setting. The last Sunday of every month is Anniversary night. It is a time in which we celebrate lengths of Recovery and hand out Crosses as a tangible reminder of the changes God has made in our lives.

The Service
Our Team

Bel Air, MD


(All leaders are listed alphabetically by first name)

Ed Kowalski

Recovery Director

Ed first came to Christ in 2002 in a small church in West Baltimore. However even after coming to the Lord, he struggled with addiction and alcoholism issues. He first attempted to get sober in 2006 in a faith based 12 step program similar to Celebrate Recovery. He was successful at staying sober for a short time however, discovered through a manic episode, he was also dual diagnosed as having some mental health concerns as well. This event caused him to be hospitalized at a psychiatric facility in Baltimore, MD. After coming out of the hospital he realized it was important to not only follow his faith but to also work with a good psychiatrist and focus on his 12 step work. Unfortunately his first marriage did not survive several relapses, financial struggles and the emotional toll this took on his first wife. After several bad experiences while drinking and using, Ed went to his first rehab in Westminster MD in 2009. After rehab, he had finally become convinced to his “innermost self that he was an alcoholic and addict”. He got very serious about recovery and began attending meetings every day (sometimes twice a day in early recovery). He also got a sponsor and began to work the 12 steps. However, Ed is not a “first timer” when it comes to recovery. He relapsed twice after having almost 3 years of sobriety each time. In 2013 shortly after the birth of his youngest son he finally surrendered and has been sober since early January 2013. However, his sobriety has not been without some heavy doses of “life on life's terms”. In 2017 he went through a devastating break up in his second marriage which led to another mental health crisis and several stays at psychiatric facilities. 

While Ed had been active in the rooms of AA and NA, he had wondered from his faith in Christ and also was chasing after many worldly things, such as business success, wealth, etc. After losing everything through a second divorce and business failure, Ed was staying on his brother's couch but still sober and attending meetings. At a local AA meeting he met a gentleman who told him about Pastor Keith and Agape House Recovery. Ed contacted Pastor Keith and entered into the program in 2018 as a resident. All was going well but in 2020 Ed suffered the tragic loss of his father in a house fire at his childhood home. All previous trials in his life paled in comparison to this event. After several months of struggle and grief, through divine intervention, an opportunity presented itself for Ed to join the leadership of Agape House Recovery. Ed is honored to have been asked to serve in the role of Recovery Director for the newest Recovery Church location in Bel Air, MD. His expertise in recovery, dual diagnosis mental health issues, knowledge of biblical principals and of the 12 steps, make him a perfect fit for the team.

Keith Vazquez

Lead Pastor

Pastor Keith Vazquez was born in a poor town near East Baltimore. His Mom was a dedicated Christian who constantly prayed for her son who was always in trouble from the time he was a little boy. Pastor Keith took his first drink and smoked his first cigarette when he was only nine years old. He went on to drink and smoke consistently for the next 26 years. In the 80's Pastor Keith got caught up in the night club scene and soon would find himself intoxicated almost every night. In 1985 Pastor Keith met Rene who grew up in her family bar near East Baltimore. They went to the same high school and soon became inseparable. They both grew up in dysfunctional environments so they spent a lot of time together for comfort. Rene experienced so much trauma in her childhood from her family bar lifestyle that she vowed to one day raise her own family in a Godly environment. She became a great influence on Pastor Keith and God would use her to pull him out of the night club scene and eventually into the church. In 1990 Pastor Keith and Rene got married and had four beautiful children. Together they pursued the American Dream and built a successful business. Things seemed to be going well for a few years but pastor Keith would soon get caught up in the pursuit of money, power and materialism. By the late 90's Pastor Keith was materially full but spiritually empty. He was addicted to many negative vices and his life began to spin out of control. By 1999 everything began to fall apart. The business started failing and his worldly kingdom began to crumble. Finally life became unmanageable and the Vazquez family lost everything. Pastor Keith ended up living in a halfway house and was forced to be away from his family for several months. Then God intervened on Fathers Day June 19, 2000. Pastor Keith fell to his knees in brokenness, and finally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ! His mother's prayer was finally answered. 

By 2003 Pastor Keith planted a church with his wife and sister Shari. After five years serving as lead Pastor of Divine Faith Fellowship, pastor Keith opened several Recovery Houses in Bel Air Maryland with his wife and sister still by his side. In 2008 he dedicated his life to being a fulltime Recovery Pastor. Since 2008, Agape House Recovery would help over 700 men recover from drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. Celebrating over fifteen years serving the Harford County recovery community, many lives have been transformed and many people have found Christ through his ministry. May 2024 Pastor Keith joined the Recovery Church Movement with over 70 locations Nationwide. He will be part of the team launching a brand new Recovery Church location in Bel Air Maryland. Keith and Rene are still together for almost 40 years. Their children are all adults and are all actively serving in their ministry. The Lord took alcohol and cigarettes away from Pastor Keith the day he surrendered his life to Jesus almost 25 years ago. To God be the Glory!

Shari Vazquez Bickel

Worship Pastor

Shari resides in Baltimore Md with her husband Dave and her son Drew. She was a professional ballet dancer and is now the owner of The White Marsh Ballet Academy. She has served on the board of Divine Faith Fellowship Church and helped to build Agape House Recovery with her brother Keith, who is the Lead Pastor of Agape House Recovery. Her battle with infertility led her to an alcohol problem. She surrendered her life to Jesus several years later and was healed and the Lord Blessed her with a child. Shari became dedicated to serve Jesus in any way He was leading her. Shari's passion for the arts lead her to become the worship leader for Divine Faith Fellowship Church where her husband is a vocalist and technical director. Her miracle son has played the drums on the worship team since he was 14 years old! This family dynamic serving in the ministry has been a blessing in her life. Her passion for the recovery community began when she started to serve the homeless community across the street from the first church location of Divine Faith Fellowship Church. Her love for serving the addicted, the mentally ill, and the homeless has grown ever since.The state of addiction and mental illness in the homeless camp near the first church location touched her heart. God has led her to be an advocate and source of healing for the recovery community ever since.

Shari and her brother Pastor Keith began a journey of opening recovery homes for men and incorporated Christ centered programs for the men living in the homes, via small group meetings as well as Sunday worship services. She is very Blessed to be a part of the Recovery Church Movement and desires to see more souls giving their lives to Jesus Christ and being healed and delivered from the bondage of addiction and mental illness. It is her goal to oversee the Spiritual care of all those who God brings into the RCM community and beyond the doors of the church buildings. The church is not just a building but a community that reaches beyond its walls and finds unity with all those who are serving Jesus Christ.

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Recovery Church Bel Air MD is a local independent church in Kingdom partnership with the Association of Recovery Churches which is an exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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