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Kingston NY


Recovery Church

A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

Recovery Church

Kingston NY


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A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

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Thursdays @ 7PM

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90 Millers Lane 

Kingston, NY 12401

Recovery Church Movement Worship

recovery church

The Service

Recovery Church Kingston meets Thursdays at 7 pm. We begin the service with announcements and crosses. That is followed by contemporary worship music, followed by a sermon or testimony. We usually end with one more song and then encourage people to hang around to meet others and get a sponsor/sponsee. The last Thursday of every month is Anniversary Night. It is a time in which we celebrate lengths of sobriety by handing out crosses as a tangible reminder of the changes we have made in our lives.

The Service
Our Team

Kingston, NY


(All leaders are listed alphabetically by first name)

George Campion

Servant Leader

I’m a 64-year-old man, married to a wonderful, God-fearing woman, with four children, and three grandchildren. It would not be a stretch, nor a boast, to say that while they may not always like me, they do all love me. That was not always all that important to me, and I did take it for granted at times. Once it finally became obvious to me that my way was not working and I needed to change, I knew I needed help. Having already experienced the power of “foxhole prayers”, I knew when a friend told me about church and God that he was right, and I needed to go back and, I thought, re-introduce myself to God. First was church service, which was an eye-opening experience. Then came Bible study. Another eye-opening experience. Then came the weekly AA meeting. Can you guess? Yes! That’s right! It was an eye-opening experience! Had these experiences not occurred in the order they did, I may have a different perspective. Church then Bible study, then AA meeting. The first two were very God-centric. I very much expected that to be the case. However, the AA meeting was also very God centered. This was a pleasant surprise for me. Once I became familiar with the “Big Book”, and the history behind the first publication, I very much came to understand and appreciate the early success of the recovery concept. The 12 steps are the most effective path to recovery from addiction, there is no doubt. Looking at the 12 steps with discernment it was easy for me to see the source of power for the 12 steps comes from God and His word, and He is called on for help in so many ways. I could never have come to where I am now without God’s hand in my life. The scriptures, and the 12 steps, call me to aid others in their recovery and to help them find their path. The Recovery Church is working to put God back in recovery and to help those in need to find God and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. The path to salvation is narrow, but, with God’s help and love, it can be found, and walked, and done so sober. It would be an honor, and my pleasure, to be able to help others find their way.

Jake Jaros

Campus Lead

Jake is married to Kim and they have an amazing daughter. From an early age Jake turned to violence and crime. When he was 11 he discovered Alcohol and fell in love with it. This caused an almost immediate spiral downward and by the time he was 15 he was homeless. After committing several violent crimes he was locked up and eventually let out on an ankle bracelet. Wanting nothing to do with God, Jake attempted to turn his life around on his own. That lasted 1 week. He soon found that he was utterly helpless and decided to commit suicide. It was at that time that he cried out to Jesus and his life completely changed from that moment into eternity. He got heavily involved and active with the 12 steps and church. He has been active in both for over 25 years. Several years ago Jake answered the call into full time ministry and his family moved to Kingston to pastor the Kingston Alliance Church where they fell instantly in love with the community and are eager to help the lost and the broken find wholeness and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Vincent Perry

Servant Leader

Vinny is married to Dara and they have a beloved 15 year old daughter. Through the pain of drug and alcohol addiction Vinny found Jesus and His Church. Early on in sobriety, he attended a local 12 step group that helped him gain freedom from his addictions through the 12 steps. And that journey through the 12 steps led Vinny to Christ’s love of the Cross and the power of Resurrection. This is what attracted him to Recovery Church. He takes to heart John 13:34, "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another." Vinny has a deep love for people and a passion to minister to those struggling with addictions. It brings him much joy to watch those who were once in the chains of addiction set free by the love, beauty, and power of Jesus Christ.

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Recovery Church Kingston, NY is a local independent church in Kingdom partnership with the Association of Recovery Churches which is an exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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