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Lynden WA


Recovery Church

A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

Recovery Church

Lynden WA


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A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

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Launched May 16th, 2024

Thursdays @ 7:00pm

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Victory Christian Fellowship

300 7th St.

 Lynden, WA 98264

Recovery Church Movement Worship

recovery church

The Service

Recovery Church Lynden meets every Thursday evening from 7-8:30 PM. There are always opportunities to serve before, during and after the meetings. We start at 7:00 PM with a time of worship and acknowledgment of God, followed by a speaker or testimony and then 30 minutes of “open share” time. This is a time for us to process and validate each other's victories and hang-ups in a smaller group setting. The Last Thursday of every month is Anniversary Night. This is a time for us to celebrate our lengths of recovery and hand out crosses as a tangible reminder of the progress and changes God has made in our lives.

The Service
Our Team

Lynden, WA


(All leaders are listed alphabetically by first name)

Cherisa Haunani Hoekema

Servant Leader

Bio Coming Soon!

Cynthia Cooley

Pastor C

Cynthia Cooley has served in Pastoral Counseling Ministry for over 25 years. She is a wife of 32 years and a mother of 2 adult sons. Her passion is fostering communities where people relate with love and respect. Cynthia has personally wrestled with the deeper roots of addiction like, trauma, boredom, anger, un-forgiveness, bitterness, fear and pride. She says, With Jesus we get to make a "great exchange" of our trauma, addiction, loneliness, and pride for healing, belonging, joy, peace, hope and so much more. When someone discovers with Jesus their value & purpose it makes all the difference. But then when they are able to share their experience, it shifts everything in their sphere and beyond. In the Recovery Church Community of believers, we are able to use our hardships as a pathway to peace and experience the truth, that we all matter and are essential in family of God.

Greg Meling

Servant Leader

Greg has 15 years of sobriety and knows expresses that it is God he thanks for saving his life!  He reflects on the miserable bondage he was living to drugs;  He says if it hadn’t been for a miraculous move of God, helping him realize his purpose for living, he might not be alive today.  After Greg’s dad sent him through rehab 7 times, and after spending a week of living homeless, it was hard for Greg to believe that he would ever break free from the feelings he had of hopelessness and helplessness, due to the disease of addiction that afflicted him.  

His prayer many times was that he would just not wake up.

Then something happened; Greg held his grand-baby for the first time. He said in that moment, he felt the Holy Spirit move with a love in his heart that he can’t describe.  Deep inside, Greg expressed, “I just knew something had to change; this baby needs me.”   From that point on, Greg surrendered his life to Christ.

Greg is clear, that his number 1 ministry continues to be prayer for his family and raising his 3 grandkids. Coming in a close second after that, is his commitment to others and Recovery Ministry.  

Greg says, “let’s go help someone that is worse off than us.”  Sometimes, he can hardly believe that he lives clean, free and for Jesus. Now Greg enjoys coaching sports, board games, fishing, and helping people realize their true value in Christ.  He concludes with this: “I always remember, the worst day clean-with God is far better than the best day using-without God.”  

The simplicity of God’s love is available to everyone!  

Rocco Fremolaro

Servant Leader

Rocco has 37 years of sobriety and has been grateful believer in Jesus Christ for 7 years!  He was born and raised in New York, married 4 times, with 3 adult children and after living 50 years in Washington, he has had an amazing journey.   He currently runs a pressure washing business and loves being around the recovery community.  Rocco says, “The Recovery community makes me feel good and makes me a better man.”  Even though Rocco is an extravert, he enjoys the solitude of fishing and thanks God for every catch.  Because of God in his life, he  says with experience, “Recovery works if you work it!”

Tina Miller

Servant Leader

Tina Miller has been a Christ-follower 70 of her 80 years. She was raised by a violent, alcoholic Dad and a very godly Mother. As a result, she became a Domestic Violence and Abuse Counselor, using all she's lived through to help others find healing and wholeness for their lives. She is an Intercessor who loves praying for others. She is also a published author and speaker. The Recovery Ministry is close to her heart because two of her four children are recovering alcoholics whose struggles God has used to help others trapped in addiction.

Val Burton

Campus Lead

Hi there. My name is Val and I am a 60 yr old mother of two. I suffered in my active addiction with my drug of choice for approximately 22 yrs, starting at the young age of 11 or 12. At 33, I became pregnant with my first child and that turned my use of that drug around, I quit. It wasn't always easy, and I struggled for years with the drug mindset. Eight years ago, I found the Lord. Since discovering Recovery Church Movement, and more recently the 12 Step Program, I have COMPLETELY turned my life over to God. I look forward to using my story, one of severe trauma's all throughout my life: death/grief/loss/suicide - homelessness - divorces - PTSD - emotional issues and addiction, in the hope of helping others with their own recovery and/or those wanting recovery and showing them that this can be truly successful thru our Lord and Savior. We can and do recover with the Lord's love, grace and mercy.

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Recovery Church Movement Worship



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Recovery Church Lynden is a local independent church in Kingdom partnership with the Association of Recovery Churches which is an exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

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