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Recovery Church Movement

Iglesia de la Recuperación Latino Palm Beach - 10th Ave North

Recovery Church Latino Palm Beach - 10th Ave North

Lake Worth, FL


Pastora Jezabel Maisonet

(561) 319-6508

Encontrando Libertad en Cristo
Finding Freedom in Christ

Una Iglesia Creada por la Comunidad de la Recuperación

 Para la Comunidad de la Recuperación


A Church Created BY the Recovery Community FOR the Recovery Community

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Lunes a Las 7:00 PM

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Iglesia Casa De Oración

2311 10th Ave North

Lake Worth, FL 33460

El Servicio (The Service)

Nosotros comenzamos el servicio con los anuncios y las cruces. El servicio sigue con la música de adoración contemporánea, seguida por un sermón o testimonio. Generalmente terminamos con una canción más y luego animamos a las personas a que se queden para conocer a otros individuos y conseguir un patrocinador. El último Miércoles de cada mes es la noche de aniversario. Es un momento en el que celebramos largos periodos de sobriedad repartiendo cruces como un recordatorio tangible de los cambios que hemos realizado en nuestras vidas.

Palm Beach - 10th ave north

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Jezabel Maisonet


Dedicated to both faith-based leadership and community health initiatives, Jezabel Maisonet brings a wealth of experience in steering transformative programs within the intersection of healthcare and spirituality.


In 1997, Jezabel embarked on her journey as a Christian leader, investing three years in the Biblical and Ministerial Institute within the International Pentecostal Movement. Over the following years, she served as a women's leader and collaborated with the Nazarene Church in Florida, all while pursuing academic excellence, earning a Bachelor's in Ministerial Theology and a Master's in Spiritual Marriage Counseling from Colegio de Formación Ministerial.


Since 2010, Jezabel and her husband, Benigno Rivera, have passionately led Iglesia Casa de Oracion, a non-denominational Christian church. Beyond pastoral responsibilities, Jezabel has made significant contributions to community health and leadership development. As a Certified Emergency Responder Trainer for churches, she has actively engaged in community preparedness, embodying her commitment to holistic well-being.


Founding Ignited Youth Leadership, Jezabel has been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of leaders, emphasizing the importance of faith and community engagement. The Senate of Puerto Rico recently honored Jezabel for leading and organizing the Ignited Youth Leadership Camp in 2023, a testament to the impactful work being carried out in youth development.


Simultaneously, Jezabel has taken on the leadership of the first Recovery Church Latino in Palm Beach, extending her ministry's impact to those seeking healing and support.

Acknowledged by the PHC Foundation and Changemakers, Jezabel has been honored for pioneering initiatives to train Community Health Workers within the framework of faith-based ministry. This recognition underscores her commitment to bridging spiritual leadership with community health, making a positive impact on individuals and families.

Beyond her work in the faith community, Jezabel has actively contributed to the field of community health. She has served as a leader at Caridad Center, working alongside Jezabel Maisonet, Chief Strategy Officer. Jezabel's distinguished career in healthcare, specializing in quality assurance, Joint Commission certification, and operations management, has been marked by a twelve-year tenure as the Director of the P.E.T. Program at Caridad Center.


In her role as Chief Strategy Officer, Jezabel has led the development and execution of various health programs, including pioneering the use of community health workers in Palm Beach County. This aligns seamlessly with Jezabel's dedication to community health initiatives within the faith-based context.


Jezabel's advocacy for health education and community service resonates with her commitment. Bilingual, a proud mother, and an Associate Minister, Jezabel actively engages in community service, leading faith-based missionary trips internationally. Her insights on social and health disparities, cultural sensitivity, diversity, and chronic diseases are frequently sought by local media.


With accolades such as the Palm Healthcare Foundation of Palm Beach – Hands and Heart Award and recognition as a Health Care Heroes finalist, Jezabel Maisonet stands as a testament to the impactful intersection of faith, leadership, and community health.

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Lina Pepper


Lina Pepper, a seasoned psychotherapist and hypnotist, holds certifications in trauma intervention and substance use disorder treatment, serving the Lake Worth community with unwavering dedication. In response to our locality's pressing mental health needs, Lina has cultivated meaningful collaborations with esteemed figures to tackle the dearth of support and resources.


With a rich academic background, Lina earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Northwood University before pursuing her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University in Sarasota. She is also, undertaking her doctorate at The University of Miami majoring in Educational Sciences. She further honed her expertise by obtaining board certification as a hypnotist from the National Guild of Hypnotists and accreditation as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional from the International Association of Trauma Professionals. Specializing in addressing psychological trauma and crisis intervention, Lina has been at the forefront of aiding victims of violent crimes, sexual assault, and domestic abuse, witnessing firsthand the devastating impact trauma can have, often leading individuals into the grips of addiction. Driven by a fervent determination, she is committed to delving into the root causes of trauma to mitigate its long-term effects on her clients' lives.


Understanding the unique needs of each individual, Lina has undergone extensive training in various therapeutic modalities, including Rapid Resolution Therapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more. Additionally, she is well-versed in trauma-informed care approaches and exposure therapy, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to treatment.


Lina Pepper's unwavering commitment to helping clients overcome trauma surpasses expectations, empowering them to reclaim the fulfilling lives they deserve

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La Iglesia de la Recuperación Latino Palm Beach - 10th Ave North es parte de la Asociación de Iglesias de la Recuperación. La Iglesia de la Recuperación Latino Palm Beach - 10th Ave North esta exenta por 501(c)(3) debajo de El Movimiento de las Iglesias de la Recuperación.

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