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Recovery Church:
Sermon Mechanics

This workshop is specifically designed to help our volunteers that have a desire to become speakers move from a testimony heavy talk to a teaching heavy talk. During this workshop we, as instructors, will share our best tips and tricks that make our talks impactful in short amounts of time. We will share how to speak both languages of faith and recovery while also interweaving parts of our story into HIS story.

WHEN: July 15th, 2023 (9:00AM - 5:00PM)


Lifepoint Church

1420 Sportsman Ln NE 

Palm Bay, FL 32905

dan c teach.jpg

During the workshop those we are discipling to become speakers will gain the following tools to better equip them to convert from a testimony to a teaching oriented talk.


  1. Learning how to speak both languages (Faith/Recovery) interchangeably and showing compatibility not competition.

  2. The basic structure of a sermon from open to closing remarks, how to structure key points, how to transition between points, bridging an alter call or call to surrender.

  3. Knowing how and where to use resources

  4. Speaking with encouragement and purpose.

  5. Utilizing visuals

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